Genuine Tobacco Company Shop Review

Greetings BOTL!

Nowadays we can walk into a store and step on a piece of rubber, and they know what is good for your feet. If you need to check on how many steps you take on a power walk, there’s an app for that.But even in this modern era, one thing still holds true. There is nothing better then to have a great cigar with good people. Recently I visited a cigar shop in the Lancaster county area. Genuine Tobacco Company is located at 960 Lancaster Ave., Columbia, Pa.

I went with Steve Napper, and we had a very nice time at Genuine Tobacco Company. The people there were nice and made you feel at home . The first thing we did was go into their walk in humidor to purchase a cigar. Genuine has a pretty good inventory of Premium cigars. Montecristo, Cohibas, Rocky Patel, just to name a few. I had a 5 Vegas Limitada, and it was excellent.

Steve and I met a couple of motorcycle ride hanging out. Just stopping in to have a cigar, watch a little TV, and have some conversation with fellow cigar smokers.I found this shop to be one of those shops that you would go out of your way to visit. So if you fine yourself wanting to just go out for a sunny day ride (car, motorcycle or whatever) stop in and visit Genuine Tobacco Company. You won’t be disappointed. I’m giving Genuine Tobacco Company a, “That’s Whasup”!

This is Mark Henry with another shop review..
Have a Great day!

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