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Harrisburg Cigar Club donates to the M.O.S.E.L.F. Inc. RBI

Last night the Harrisburg Cigar Club (HCC) President Steven Napper and Communication Chairman Aaron Aiken presented Aaron Johnson with a donation to the M.O.S.E.L.F., INC. RBI (Men Of The South-East League Field) This donation will help pay registration fees for players whose families could not otherwise afford them. Baseball has always been important in this […]

Website Updates

The Harrisburg Cigar Club website has just gone through its first major update. It is sporting a new look complete with a subtle pin-stripe, online shop, and a completely overhauled events page. An additional feature that we have included is responsive design, ahem: it is now 100% mobile friendly! If you have not already, please […]

The Re-Emergence of the Cigar Club

Guest Post by: By Koroun Butler, President, Blue Flame Cigar Society The idea of a cigar club is nothing new. In fact, cigar clubs in some form or another have been around for years. What does appear to be relatively new is the NEED for such clubs to exist. While membership in a cigar […]

Aaron Aiken – Communications Director

Learn about Aaron Aiken Top 3 Cigars: Toraño Exodus 1959, My Father Le Bijou 1922, and Padilla Reserva Maduro. Cigar and Drink Pair: This depends on time of day, who I’m with, and what I’m in the mood for. A recent pairing that was quite delicious: La Flor Dominicana Air Bender with a Balvenie 12 year, neat. Preferred […]