Hershey Tobacco Company

The Harrisburg Cigar Club had our quarterly membership drive this past weekend at the Hershey Tobacco Company.. If you missed this past weekends event, you missed a great time. We had a very good turn out, and lots of fun. The smoking experience is like no other, and when you come around people that share […]

D&S Cigar Lounge

D&S Cigars Lounge

If you’re a cigar enthusiast and haven’t visited D&S Cigar Lounge located at 1623 Manheim Pike, Lancaster Pa. 17601, then you really need to expand your palate. This past Friday the President, Vice President of the HCC, and myself took a road trip to Lancaster to hang out with our buddy Shaun Sponagle (owner of […]

Hain's Pipe & Cigar Shop - Harrisburg Cigar Club


This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit one of the oldest cigar shops in the country. Hain’s Pipe & Cigar Shop 225 S. George St. York, Pa 17403 This wasn’t my first time visiting this shop, and like the other times it was great. Jesus (the owner) had a personal engagement to go […]

Harrisburg Cigar Club donates to the M.O.S.E.L.F. Inc. RBI

Last night the Harrisburg Cigar Club (HCC) President Steven Napper and Communication Chairman Aaron Aiken presented Aaron Johnson with a donation to the M.O.S.E.L.F., INC. RBI (Men Of The South-East League Field) This donation will help pay registration fees for players whose families could not otherwise afford them. Baseball has always been important in this […]

CAO Concert Roadie

I’ll be honest, I have not been impressed with CAO cigars since they were taken over by General Cigars.  Nothing against General and their brands, but CAO just seemed to lose some “umph” (for lack of a better term).  The Oso didn’t impress me at all (as evidenced by the fact that I bought a […]

Website Updates

The Harrisburg Cigar Club website has just gone through its first major update. It is sporting a new look complete with a subtle pin-stripe, online shop, and a completely overhauled events page. An additional feature that we have included is responsive design, ahem: it is now 100% mobile friendly! If you have not already, please […]

Genuine Tobacco Company Shop Review

Greetings BOTL! Nowadays we can walk into a store and step on a piece of rubber, and they know what is good for your feet. If you need to check on how many steps you take on a power walk, there’s an app for that.But even in this modern era, one thing still holds true. […]

The Cigar Inn - Shop Review by Brian Donnell of the Harrisburg Cigar Club

Cigar Inn – Review

“Some members of a local cigar club were there enjoying some happy hour festivities and asked me to join them. We shared my Ridgemont and their libations, swapped cigars and I was treated like one of the family… as I have been in cigar stores from coast to coast.” – Brian Donnell